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Really, Alan Ball? Really?

 There was absolutely no other way to write the Sookie rescues Bill scene that didn’t involve her:

* Acting like an idiot

* Being unable to think of killing Lorena on her own

* Screeching for help even though she knows there are werewolves nearby

* Being ‘saucy’ instead of smart

I get that a lot of my annoyance over this arc has been its subtle deviations from the plot in the book. And the book and the tv show are not the same. But the changes they’ve chosen for this removes Sookie’s agency and leaves her a screaming damsel in distress. She shows so little thought or unprompted action in the last couple of episodes — unless it’s bitching about how Eric won’t help her. Help yourself, girl. That was the whole point of the storyline in the book; she’s entered a dangerous world, and sometimes her vampire boyfriends aren’t going to be hanging around to save her. She needs to be able to save herself — and that means taking advantage of the weapons at her disposal.

None of which she does here. I won’t deny that this was a welcome return to Tara the baddass, but I understand it’s not exactly impossible for two women to be competent and brave at the same damn time.

In-depth analysis to follow later.