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This week, you get an actual fresh off the presses kneejerk. Somehow I managed to be home at 9pm on a Sunday and watched the initial run of episode 10 instead of completely spacing on it like usual. Which generally forces a watch of the 11:30 airing, after which I am only good for sleeping and taking my birth control pill. Usually. Sometimes I don’t even remember to do that.

Anywho! I didn’t Kneejerk last week’s episode, but allow me to post my quick summary: OMFG, Russel saves the season.

This week, we pick up with the reveal that the show has been broadcasting in neon ever since Sookie passed out and spent her coma living in the Greek Centaurs-and-Bacchus sequence from Fantasia. It doesn’t help that I’ve read all the books so I’ve know Sookie was part fairy since before the series even went on the air, but how could anyone be in the dark about her genetic background? That boobs and ponds version of the cemetery was the hokiest interpretation of ‘fairy world’ I’ve seen since my mom bought me back a painting from the Ren Faire. *

Props to the show for understanding it was going to come off poorly and allowing Sookie to defuse the situation by calling it disappointing herself. It would have been better if Ball had just, you know, not it made it ridiculous in the first place.

Pleased they kept the panther reveal, disappointed in the fakeness of the animal. I guess trained wolves really are easier to come by.

Bill continues to be a total fucking asshole. Every time he’s given a chance to come clean, he keeps digging his ditch deeper and deeper. I don’t see why Sookie needs to ask Eric why Bill is untrustworthy — she’s seen his dossier, she’s been told he was sent by the Queen to find her. She just needs to put on her big girl panties and face the truth.

All in all, a quieter, slower episode after last week’s spine-ripping roller coaster. It’s hard to follow up an episode like that — everyone is going to have Russel’s scene chewing firmly in mind (is Denis O’Hare selling this or what?) and there’s still 3 shows left in the season. You can’t balls to the wall all three of them — the show can’t possibly keep that tone up without screeching to a grinding halt every time one of the other plotlines gets its 10 minutes of screen time.

My end of the season predictions: Russel drinks Sookie thinking she’s grant him immunity from the sun, goes kablooey somehow? I’d like to think Eric will stake him hisself, but I’m not sure I’m following it all. Or alternatively, Eric poisons Sookie’s blood, which Russel drinks, dying.  We will not get resolution on Sookie finally realizing how dastardly Bill is. Jason will end the season locked in shed in Hot Shot, getting his comeupance. We will have the set up for Eric’s cursing by the witches for season 4.

I would personally  love to see Russel survive the season and him being behind the witch’s curse, but that ain’t gonna happen.

*If my mom reads this, it was a totally awesome painting. Seriously.