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tilicst: Would Sophie-Anne get his money? I’m going to guess not, unless Russel has changed his will already. Are vampire marriages legal? Wouldn’t they have to file some sort of paperwork with the government? 

A major storyline in one of the books is Sophie-Anne’s political marriage to the King of Arkansas. If the writers wish to keep this, a good way to pave the road for another marriage would be to keep Sophie-Anne broke. It also keeps her desperate, which makes her do dramatic things, which makes for better tv.

I think that the numerous times we’ve seen Eric staying up during the day will have a major payoff at the end of the season. I assume they were simply going to go with Eric drinking Sookie’s blood —-> tracking Russel down during the day and killing him. But he wouldn’t need to lock her up for that, and the previews clearly show Russel feeding off of Sookie.

sequinedk: Even when Eric is locking people up, he is being level-headed. He thinks on a lot of levels — we’ve definitely seen he’s a smarter and more dangerous vampire than most of the ones we come across. He adapts. I would like more Russel, but I don’t really think he’ll make it past this season. For the VRA to pass, the vampires will need to publicly deal with Russel — they can’t pretend he’s dead and count on him to go to ground. He’s got to go.

I just love the character. O’Hare is just hitting this out of the ball park.