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So what do we say about the end of Season 3? In many ways, it was a disappointing season. The women were abused and put upon and killed. Sookie found some ovaries in the last episode but that doesn’t excuse the piss-poor characterization of her throughout the rest of the season. Tara cutting her hair to get a new start was so tremendously hackneyed I was seriously hoping she was considering putting out an eye with those scissors. Sam apparently loves money so much the writers want us to believe he’d shoot his brother – even though he was ready to sacrifice his life last season for a bunch of hicks who’d just as soon kill him if they found out he was a shifter. Most of Bill’s sins are laid bare – writers, I would still like to see his comeuppance for his rape/murder/birth of Jessica.

Is it telling that when Bill phoned in the call to have Pam killed, I heard ‘Jessica’, was completely unsurprised by this turnaround, and then had to rewind to see who he actually ordered the hit on?

I predicted that the end of the season would see Eric already cursed for the start of season 4 – the failed entombing by Bill was a welcome surprise. And Calvin! And Jason! Jason is roped into the Hotshot community is a surprisingly different way than the book arc and Calvin is taken out as another potential suitor for Sookie. As soon as the old man when down, I thought to myself “The writers clearly did not want to deal with another romantic subplot.”  Alcide + Eric + Bill will likely keep us occupied next season. I anticipate a lot of shirtlessness.

My guesses for season 4 – we’ll see the witch war and the curse, but Eric will have his memory at least through the first episode. Jason will move out to Hotshot. Bill will not succeed in killing the Queen, but will somehow get roped back into her web as a toadie. Hadley will die and we will likely see it on screen.  Debbie Pelt will show back up for her comeuppance, but it will be towards the middle of the season.  Lala will get trained as a witch, but Tara will open up Tara’s Togs and begin her descent into boring side-characterness.  Arlene will not have her baby. Terry will continue being one of my favorite characters. Hoyt or Jessica will accidentally kill Hoyt’s mother.  Eric and Sookie will ‘do it’. For realz. Claudine will continue to be miscast and we’ll get more UFO references. (Which, by the way, are almost saving the terrible fairy reveal for me. I can go with crappy Fantasia porn if it involves aliens and spaceships in some way.)