Link: Red Light Politics: Ableist Language redux


Earlier today I posted here about ableist language. I said in my post that we all have a “blind spot” (meaning there are things we are all ignorant about without realizing it). Lo and behold, someone left a comment in that entry:

… …

And this is exactly ableist language! Because I equated…

Interesting. I wonder if it is, though — blind spot doesn’t refer to being blind, it is the area in our peripheral vision that we can not look at.  Unlike something like the word ‘retarded’, which is a slur/out of date nickname for someone with a range of mental retardation, I’m not sure the term ‘blind spot’ actually comes from a negative association. *

I should say I’m not really disagreeing with you, I’m just sort of musing on it.

*Note, I haven’t had time to read the series you posted earlier and that concept may be addressed.