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So today in 1st worlder problems…

I started this tumblr in connection with this vague and long term plan to get myself into grad school. SlayBeau is wrapping up his doctorate and despite the generally dismal state of academia today, I have fantasies of being able to enter a graduate program after he’s secured a teaching position. Since I’ve been out of undergraduate for about 5 years now* I thought I needed to beef up my attractiveness — I’m presenting a paper on Twilight, Buffy, and Feminism at the Midwest Pop Culture Associate conference next weekend, I’ve got an outline for a paper for the Mid-West Association’s conference next year, and I started the tumblr.

Initially, I intended to only talk pop culture stuff, but now I post pictures of cakes and bad parking jobs and make fun of posters on the ladyblog, so it’s hardly professional. I’ve put my neglected wordpress blog on my fancy business cards for the conference and now I’d like to import some of my tumblr posts over there.

The online tool I used to use for this seems to be defunct. Does anyone else have any tricks to easily import Tumblr -> WordPress?

*I dropped out of my hippy college at 19 to take a job in the comics industry (seriously) and eventually went back to school in my late 20s. I am therefor a bit older than the average graduate student, hence my desire to make myself look attractive as possible.