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Welcome to PW Select

In recognition of the boom in self-publishing and as an acknowledgment that valuable works are being published outside traditional publishing, PW is giving self-published authors a chance to present their titles to the publishing trade. Call it what you will–self-published, DIY, POD, author-financed, micro-titles, or relationship publishing–the phenomenon is upending the publishing world.

Our readership–agents, booksellers, publishers, distributors, librarians, and media–constitute the ideal audience, always on the alert for new talent, worthwhile books, and marketable products, and the PW Select Announcements issue is poised to both take notice in the publication of such books and to select titles for review.

What is PW Select?

PW Select is a quarterly supplement that presents information about self-published books to our readership. Like our print announcement issues, these announcements will include author, title, subtitle, price, pagination and format, ISBN, a brief description, and ordering information provided by the authors, who will be required to pay a processing fee for their listing. In this fashion Publishers Weekly hopes to provide a valuable service to the growing world of self-published authors. Among these submitted listings and accompanying books, we expect to find works that merit a full review by our stable of PW reviewers. At least 25 of the submitted titles will be selected for a published review in each supplement, the first of which will appear in December and will be bound into a regular issue of PW. The supplement will also include a general overview of the books received, a commentary on the breadth and scope of the books in that particular period, along with additional features about the self-publishing world’s explosive growth and the important players. A few self-published authors from among the listed titles will be selected for an interview and given an opportunity to pitch their book. We expect the supplement to be a minimum of 16 pages.

The entire PW editorial staff will participate in the selection of the titles being considered for review. For more information, see PW President George Slowik’s letter announcing PW Select.

This is how it works: