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I mentioned once before that I’m writing these True Blood recaps with the gracious assistance of my local public library, which was nice enough to buy all three seasons of the show so us broke people don’t have to. Unfortunately, with only two episodes left in the first season, I had to turn the DVDs back in.  Those of us who live by the library card die by the library card. We’ll be back to the recapping game next week.

So while we’re leading up to season 4 ““ or for those people who have read the books, The One With The Shower In It ““ let’s review what teasers HBO has been spooling out for us. I won’t post any spoilers beyond what the creators have officially released since I don’t want a riot on my hands, but let’s say that if you were really interested, you could certainly find out some juicy rumors on the interweb.

The most recent tidbit has been the release of the first three minutes of the first season 4 episode, “She’s Not There”. Its fairy-rific.

It seems that poor Barry the Bellboy has not read nearly enough mythology. You don’t eat the food of another realm! How long do you figure someone would be sentenced to for eating a whole light fruit?

Dead to the World, the Southern Vampire Mysteries novel this season is based on, introduces a couple of new supernatural factions into the story world — witches and additional shifters. HBO seems to be heavily playing up the witches. We already met a couple last season ““ Holly, the new Merlotte’s waitress who tried to help Arlene out with her (possible) demon baby and Jesus, LaLa’s hottie boyfriend, who is implied to be a brujo.



The rest of the “˜Waiting Sucks’ videos can be viewed on the HBO website. Book lovers! Don’t miss Jason’s promo.

The poster art seems to be calling out the allegiances coming this season. Sookie, Alcide, Eric and Bill all make sense, since they’re all possible romantic entanglements. Tara, Lafayette and Sam make sense, since they’re people who have been harmed in some way by the vampires and/or expressed their hatred of them. I do not understand a Pam, Jason, Jessica allegiance ““ I think this was purely an “And the rest!” poster. And what is going on with Pam here? She’s nigh unrecognizable.

Finally, don’t forget: the most recent Southern Vampire Mysteries novel, Dead Reckoning, is out in stores now. Charlaine Harris has recently confirmed that she’s planning on ending the series after the thirteenth book. (This is number 11.) All of the Sookie Stackhouse short stories have been collected and re-released as A Touch of Dead, in case you’re a nerdy completist like I am. And if you are, you probably might want to pick up the True Blood graphic novels as well.

True Blood season 4 premier, June 26th at 9 pm. I’ll be watching it with you!