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Recap: The Walking Dead, Episode 2.5, “Chupacabra” | Persephone Magazine

I might be losing my faith in the direction of the show when I say I don’t believe, based on the evidence presented thus far, that the writers have anything interesting to say about gender and social roles in a post-society society. We should have seen something, anything, in any one of the female characters that should have already suggested that they’re interesting in breaking down these kinds of dynamics. Instead we get women slotted into incredibly trite and stereotyped roles – they get to be the mothers, they get to cry, they get to be shrill harpies, and they get to do the fucking laundry. Again. There’s yet another scene where the action surrounds the women doing the fucking laundry while talking about cooking dinner. It would be nice if the show suggested that the women’s time is being wasted doing the fucking laundry instead of learning how to defend themselves or assisting in the hunt for Sophia, but no, not only is this a vital and important part of the group’s survival, no one else can lift a finger to help do it.