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Writing: NaNoWriMo, The Third Week | Persephone Magazine

It is almost the end of week three. I wish I could say at this point that things have gotten easier, that my writing is going smoother, and every word I type is pure gold. I don’t need to point out that none of these things are true, right? I have produced one scene that I think is objectively “pretty good” and a lot of stuff that is on the “meh” scale and one or two things that made me pull a face even as I was typing them up. I was encouraged though when I read a post from a published NaNo author (whose website I immediately forgot to bookmark and therefore am paraphrasing) talking about the changes from her rough NaNo draft to the final book – which wasn’t ready for over another year. So I was reminded, again, that I am not married to the words I have written in this race. I am writing to write and to hit my word count. Revision is for December (and January, February, March…)