Liz Boltz Ranfeld

I honestly don’t even know where to begin with a website I just discovered.

Is This Modest? is a collection of some of the most judgmental, ridiculous writing I’ve ever encountered on the topic of modesty. I always thought the Rebelution Modesty Survey was pretty bad, but this? This is absurd.

Is This Modest? is full of “advice” for young women who want to be dress modestly. The website is difficult to navigate, but here’s what their about page says they do:

  • We present relevant articles on the topic, discussing modesty from religious and practical points of view.
  • We have authors that write articles that discuss how to make outfits that seem immodest, modest.
  • We show images of outfits and discuss whether or not we find the look or the outfit modest.
  • We have an open forum for anyone that has a question.
  • We have male and female writers for…

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