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There is no false advertising here. I have no clever title because I will not be saying anything particularly clever in this post. Also, it’s Sunday and it’s been a long weekend, and I’m tired.

So, this week. I hit some of my goals early in the week and instead of being an overachiever and hitting them more (one can do that, right?), I coasted. Hitting them early was a good thing since I’ve had an unexpected house guest(s). These particular guests are not so understanding of the need to have time alone to write, so nothing would have been accomplished once they descended.

So, here we go. Accountability!

Mostly Reasonable Goals:

  • Write 250 words a day.

I believe I hit every day but Friday and Saturday, due to guests and being sick. I’m trying not to feel too bad about it. I just need to do better this week.

  • Commit to writing at least one post every week for Persephone Magazine, outside my editor duties.

That was in and done already. And I’ve got an outline for this week’s post already brewing.


  • Apply, and don’t talk self out of applying, to the same.

Not yet, but this is more of a end of round goal.

  • Read and comment on other participants blogs during this period.

I’ve been making my way around, trying to say hello and get a feel for the other participants. Hello if I haven’t gotten to you yet!