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ImageI’m not sure what happened to last week. I don’t think I did much of anything at all, but I somehow managed to miss both check ins, barely wrote anything of any consequence, and volunteered myself to work on the editorial board for a new anthology project. Why not? Sure! I’m moving abroad in a couple of months and have to sell my house! Load it on!

I’m actually excited about the project, lest anyone doubt that. But its a new morning and I’m giving myself a stern talking to about what is coming in the next few months. Moving. House selling. Writing. Oh, and parenting, working, etc. All that stuff too.

So after my week of nothing at all I made a concerted effort to get back on the metaphorical horse. How am I doing? Let’s review.

Mostly Reasonable Goals:

Write 250 words a day.

Back on the horse. I spent a couple of hours writing yesterday and I’ve got a date with my laptop this afternoon.

Commit to writing at least one post every week for Persephone Magazine, outside my editor duties.

My extra piece for this week is already in for editing. I also committed to bringing back my Buffy recaps.

Revise and rework a writing sample for application to the Juniper Summer Writing Institute.

Received some feedback on the pages I’m intending to submit, so I have a good guideline on things I need to tighten up.

Apply, and don’t talk self out of applying, to the same.

Not yet, but this is more of a end of round goal.

Read and comment on other participants blogs during this period.

Nope! Sorry everyone.