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The fabulous chief unicorn and I sometimes get together to live blog premiers of interesting looking shows. But Selena and I could not coordinate a good time for us to watch the new Kevin Bacon thriller, The Following. So instead of a live blog fueled by sweet wine and pull-n-peel Twizzlers, we’re going to share our individual impressions of the new series. Did you watch as well? Join us in the comments. Here thar be spoilers, you’ve been warned.

Promotional Image for The Following, with pictures of Kevin Bacon and a woman seen in profile whose skin is covered in writing

The Following airs Monday nights on Fox, at 9 p.m.

Selena (who watched first): Cover your eyes when they go to the apartment and tell Kevin Bacon he has to see something. You don’t.

Slay Belle: My dinner just finished. I will watch and eat and think about questions!

Slay Belle: Oh, hey Iceman. Your scruffy beard doesn’t hide the fact that you look like you’re twelve.

Selena: Heh.

Selena: Okay, question the first: Do we need another grizzled white dude former LEO with a monkey on his back?

Slay Belle: Do we think that the babysitter’s visual reference to Rosemary’s Baby was intentional?

Slay Belle: Ok, I was going to ask about the flawed drunken hero too. I’m slightly disappointed that’s the type KB’s character falls into. Its a trope I’m sick of. Its been done to death. I’m not against a flawed protagonist. But the disgruntled-ex-fbi-agent is expected. One of the other character even explicitly says he ‘doesn’t play well with others!’ KB makes good career choices so I’m willing to hold out hope that this is just the surface. But. Still.
The ex-wife on the other hand seems like she’ll be great. I just love her non-flustered approach. The preview clip of her from next week just staring down her ex husband and answering his questions made me like her a lot.

Slay Belle: So what do we think about Sarah being killed off in the first episode? She was obviously set up as a Final Girl and she’s dead before the end of the premier. I’m sure we’ll see her in flashbacks since that seems like it’ll play a big role. But she’s totes murdered.

Selena: Okay, my second question is easy, what would you list as the pros and cons of the show on a whole?

Selena: I was surprised they killed Sarah, and I felt bad for actress Maggie Grace, as some either kills or tries to kill her in every role she plays. I thought it was a bold-ish? move, but after so many years of watching Criminal Minds, I may have a higher shock threshold. I think she’s the only kill What’sHisKiller HAD to make on his own, though. I think the rest of the series is going to be chasing after the members of his cult. No one else could have killed Sarah, and What’sHisKiller couldn’t, I dunno, rest? until he finished the job.

Selena: Also, the kid is totally Kevin Bacon’s. I was unpleasantly surprised at how much plot spoon-feeding went on, under the guise of being Big Mysteries. The way they laid it out couldn’t have been more obvious if they CGI’d Kevin’s face on The Boy.

Selena: Is the ex-wife Penny from LOST?

Slay Belle: Other question while I’m thinking of it: Is the use of Poe as the serial killer’s inspiration just lazy? I love Poe. I was just the other day thinking about getting a Poe tattoo. But he’s mass culture short hand for ‘weird’. I thought maybe the setting would be in Baltimore or Philly to have a thematic tie in, but lol, nope.

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