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ROW80LogocopyIt’s been a weird week in writing land. A friend has been slapped with a nuisance lawsuit by a scammy lawyer/photographer who is suing over the use of one of his photos that appeared on a Creative Commons photo site until last year. It wasn’t copywritten or meta-tagged, but he’s alleging willful misuse of his property. He’s not only suing her small, non-profit turning site, but a bunch of other small businesses and the likes of Conde Nast and Netflix, for a total of 73 defendants. Luckily, he’ll settle with anyone who gives him a thousand dollars. I’m sorry, I mean ‘luckily’.  He’s also sued cover bands for performing songs in small clubs, and over this same photograph in a lawsuit from last year. Its all very infuriating.

I’m going to have to look up ‘legalize for bloggers’ or something along those lines.

How’s everyone else’s week?

Let’s check in.

Mostly Reasonable Goals:

Write 250 words a day.

Progress! All year my fiction work has been stagnating. I had a very productive time this week, which is a welcome change. Its amazing how one or two good writing days can re-energize you. Its a definite two steps forward and no steps back day.

Commit to writing at least one post every week for Persephone Magazine, outside my editor duties.

Absolutely on target for this. I’m on the schedule for two recaps a week — Walking Dead and our retro Buffy rewatch, plus an additional posts we throw into our ‘unicorn’ folder, the back up for the writers who inevitably call out after the deadline for submitting their posts has passsed. Running a ladyblog is hard, yo.

Persephone Magazine is a feminist oriented blog that runs posts on pop culture, politics, DIY, writing and other topics. We are always open to new contributors for anyone in the RW80 crowd who might be interested in writing for us or cross posting from your own blogs.

Revise and rework a writing sample for application to the Juniper Summer Writing Institute.

On going.

Apply, and don’t talk self out of applying, to the same.

Not yet, but this is more of an end of round goal.

Read and comment on other participants blogs during this period.

I’ve been out making the rounds.  Hello!