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ROW80LogocopyI took this week off from writing. I get that this defeats the point of some of my RW80 goals or even the point of the exercise itself, but by the end of last week, I found myself totally worn down. Between my regular job, PMag, my personal writing, and the unsettled impending move, I was just mentally and emotionally exhausted. I begged the week off from Persephone and read a couple novels of questionable quality, and hung out. There was a point on Wed that I thought about writing my check in to say I wasn’t checking in, but I decided to really go whole hog on the vacation thing.

And I guess it worked. Yesterday I filled out the application for the Juniper institute. I’ve got my sample finished, my scholarship form filled out and I just need to pop the package in the mail tomorrow. Given that I’ve been wrestling with this since the beginning of the round, the week off seemed to be the right move. I packed up a couple of boxes, had Purple Heart come by and pick up some donations, and got in touch with my daughter’s school for transcripts and other information we need for the American School we’re applying to. I feel like I got a lot done in my down time. In a wholly good way.

Let’s check in.

Mostly Reasonable Goals:

Write 250 words a day.

Nope, nope. Ok, I revised my sample and did some editing, but no writing this week.


Commit to writing at least one post every week for Persephone Magazine, outside my editor duties.


Revise and rework a writing sample for application to the Juniper Summer Writing Institute.

Boom! Like a boss. A really slow, procrastinating boss.

Apply, and don’t talk self out of applying, to the same.

Everything is ready to go out in the mail tomorrow.

Read and comment on other participants blogs during this period.

I kept my social media to a low roar this week too.