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Now that we’re counting down the days until the final episode of HBO’s True Blood airs later this summer, it’s time to reflect on the real gift this show has given us — amazing gifs.

Following is a brief selection of gifs from the show’s seven season run. Obviously, I could have just done an entire post of “Pam’s Facial Expressions” or “LaLa Being Fantastic,” but I did try to include some love for the rest of the cast.

Sam tells himself he's very good looking

Alcide pulls up his pants

Vampire emergency

Eric sucks on a heart

Jason isn't very smart

Lala is not a snitch, he's a bitch

LaLa takes out his earrings


Pam's face is melting.

Sookie says 'Motherfucker"

Tara wants to know if Bill owned slaves.

Look how fast I type motherfucker.

Morality only exists in the minds of humans

Aids burger ingredents

Sookie says this is gran's pie.


Sookie says shut the fuck up.


Sookie says everyone is thinking about sex.

Sookie sits on Erics throne

LaLa puts on eyeliner

Pam wants everyone to go back to humping each other.

Sookie gives Eric the side eye.

Russel eats your children

Lala isn't in the helping business.

"My mad face and my angry face are the same."

Sookie says 'do you think my legs are magically going to open for you?"

And, of course, the greatest True Blood gif of all time:

Pam hates Sookie's vagina