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“People are opportunities. The gift is in the interaction and the connection with another person, whether it lasts forever or not.” — Colleen Seifert

It’s entirely too easy to be angry on the internet. The medium lends itself to a certain — how shall we put this? — assholeness, a phenomena that all us web dwellers know all too well. But occasionally, and especially around this neck of the woods, you can find delightful, wonderful, caring people. (Especially around this neck of the woods.) When words aren’t enough, sometimes you need the power of the gif to let others know how much you like them.


badass i like you

Barney likes you

because you're you

Cus I like you a lot

Darcy loves you

friggin love you

glee loves you

he loves you

i just love you ok

I like you adventure time



just as you are

leslie knope loves you

miranda kerr love syou


spike likes you

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