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Earlier this week, Jessica Lange confirmed that she will not be returning for season five of American Horror Story. It had long been rumored that AHS: Freak Show would be her last appearance on the Ryan Murphy show but there was hope that Lange would change her mind — after all, she claimed she wouldn’t be back for season four, but there she was, singing David Bowie covers as Elsa Mars. Though AHS is the rare show that boasts numerous dynamic female leads, including powerhouses like Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson, and Francis Conroy, it was Lange who reigned Supreme over the franchise.

While AHS struggles with presenting a consistently coherent story and reasonable character motivations, the one note it always got right were the juicy story lines Lang received. And juicy story lines make for great gifs. As we say good-bye to her small screen presence, let’s review some of Lange’s best moments.

Telling it like it is:


viles stop talking sister-jude confused or bored patriarchial male

in charge

You can all just die


name game boo hoo hoo smoking stars never pay fiona-eyeroll

The woman enjoys her vices:

supremes buy you a drink Double Coven lighting a cigarette i need a drink

filthy martini vodka

She’s got style:

sense of style knotty pine elsa mars on mars